Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pace work on the trail

1/25 run 60 mins over two loops of Sal's Branch @ Umstead with 2min x 5 pace work (zone 5)

HR avg 165 max 178

This was a hard run for me, oddly enough, the last 16 minutes after the pace work are what felt the hardest.  I drained my bottle by the end of the run (mix of bcaa's, glutamine and GU Brew).  I wore my silks on top and bottom and this turned out to be a bit warm for 49 degree weather.  I took off my headband within the first 15 mins.

In retrospect, as I sit here with a strained left calf, which I think is a result of my kick during the pace portions and a sore and slightly swollen right knee again, I probably pushed it a little too hard.  I think I have to decide on speed or distance at this point.  It seems to try and do both is pushing my body over the edge, especially with my weight workouts.  It's Thursday as I finish typing this and my knee is still way too sore for a recovery run.  I hope it feels better by Saturday or I might be changing my running schedule again...

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