Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3x3 week begins

1/24 lift box squat 3x295 towel bench 2+1x265 plus snatches 5x75 and 3x100 on both sides and pull-ups with +50lb kb

Other than lowering the weight for my squats (cough..50lbs), today was a good day.  I will attribute being down on my squat to lowering the box height, but I should probably blame the running too.  My right outer quad and itb still feel like one giant knot since Saturday.  I've been hitting them with the stick and the foam roller every day.  I think the increased protein might have paid off a little, as my snatches were much better today and I don't feel as gaunt and run down.  I hit my previous max on the towel bench, but only got 2 reps instead of 3.  I think we are going to add a sub maximal olympic lift to Fridays to help stabilize our dumbell snatches.

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