Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Weight Recap

8/22 lift box squat 3x315 close-grip towel bench press 3x250 dumbell snatches 5x85,3x105, *x115 pull-ups +60lbs and farmer's walk with 115 and 125lb dumbells

If I had stuck to my plan I should have only done 305, at most 310 on the squat, but my training partner inspired me with a great set (and I didn't want to have to take off those 45lb plates).  I also moved up another 5lbs on the towel bench.  Hopefully I can keep up this progress.

8/24 lift power clean 3x220 deadlift 3x410 plus strict dumbell presses 40,45lbs

These lifts were HARD.  Doing a triple with 410 seemed ALOT harder than doing the heavier doubles and singles of the past weeks.  I moved up on the power clean by 5lbs, which is my first increase since March on the triple.  We also moved our presses to Wednesdays.  I mixed in some rotator cuff band work after the presses to balance things out.

8/26 lift squat 3*x285 close-grip bench press 3x235 pull-ups +65lbs and atlas stone carry supersets x3

Today was another tough workout.  The problem with Friday 3x3 is all three sets are very close in weight, so even though we are only talking about 9 reps, each rep is a struggle.   I put a * on my squats, as I didn't get deep enough on my 3rd rep, but it's my fault for getting greedy and putting 10lbs on the bar.  I also moved up 5lbs on the bench, which felt good today and didn't give me any troubles.  The stone kicked my butt as usual.  Adding 5lbs on the pull-ups didn't help things.

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