Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st Duke Forest Run

8/18 run 55 mins at Duke Forest entrance off Whitfield Rd in Altra Instincts (2nd run in these!)

temp 80ish
HR avg 150 max 173

I remember it actually felt sort of cool outside when we started this run.  The +1 had wanted to show me this loop for awhile and I was looking forward to trying out a new unpaved place to run with some decent hills.  The hills weren't too steep but they were LONG, so proper pacing was key.  I quickly realized I should have tightened up my shoes a bit more during that first, long downhill section.  The Altra Instincts did a good job of keeping the rocks out and where I've been having issues on the ball of my left foot didn't bother me too much.  Instead of running along the side of the road at the end, I think next time, I'll just turn around and run the same route back to the start, as the cars along that stretch are going really fast and there isn't a whole lot of shoulder to run on.  We started on a second loop, so I don't think the extra miles will be too big of a difference.

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