Friday, August 26, 2011

Riggsbee Rd and Riggsbee Av are miles really

8/24 run 42 mins @ Fullsteam Brewery with Fullsteam Ahead! Run Club in Altra Instincts

temp low 80's
HR avg ??? max ??? (strapless)

Visual representation of me using a car GPS
So the wife talked me into attending Fullsteam Ahead! Run Club again.  Normally I like to sit on my butt Wednesday nights, after my lifting sessions, but I wanted to do the TORC ride on Thursday and I also needed to get in another run before the weekend, so it seemed like a good idea.  I get my stuff together like normal and hop in the car about 5:30, which should give me plenty of time to get there before 6.  I pull up the History in my GPS and find 726 Riggsbee, perfect!  So off we go, the route seemed a little odd, but I figured the GPS was doing it's usual magic and routing me around all the nasty traffic on Durham Freeway.  The +1 calls and I remark on the phone about the unusual route it seems to be taking but trusting in the power of technology I think nothing of it, plus I'm kind of busy between talking on the phone and trying not to get murdered by all the aggressive after work drivers.  Somehow I don't realize I'm headed the wrong way on Erwin road, until the gps chirps away that I should be at my destination...crap, this not right.  On the phone with her still, the +1 says, "wait, did you say Riggsbee Road or Riggsbee Avenue."  Me, "well, the GPS just said arriving at Riggsbee Road but I'm in the middle of nowhere."  Her, "umm, it's Riggsbee Avenue."  Me, "WHARRGRRRBL."  I frantically punch in the full address only to find I'm at least 20 minutes away from where I'm supposed to be.  How the wrong address got saved in my GPS history I have no idea, as I don't recall ever going to 726 Riggsbee Road before.  So by the time I get there she's waiting with her BIL and she's none too happy.  So we do our own little Fullsteam run.  She used my extra driving time to pull up the route and transcribe it to her hand.

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