Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Genuine Long Run

8/20 run 96 mins @ ATT soft side in Altra Instincts (total time 118 mins with cooldown)

temp 89 (about 2pm start)
HR avg 150 max 161 (for the 96 min run)

The +1 did her long run with the Bull City training group that morning, and, as usual, I slept through it (since I have to work overnight).  It was my luck that she had a very busy morning and was still out of the house when it came time for me to run.  She encouraged me to go ahead and do it, so I did.  I've been cutting my carbs to see if it helps with my runs and using VESPA.  So, today, I ate eggs, uncured bacon and an avocado before my run.  I think that was it.  During the run I had my two 24 ounce bottles.  I put a Thermotab in one bottle and a NUUN in the other.  I also brought along 3 more Thermotabs (no you don't need $30 per bottle salt tabs, the $8 ones work just as well).  I ended up using all the salt tabs.  After what Peter Defty said and with the temp at nearly 90 degrees, I used one every 30 minutes.

My plan was to refill my bottles at the first road crossing, where SYNC Studio leaves out a complimentary water cooler.  This plan was working great until I got to the cooler and found it to be empty.  Not a drop left.  I still had about half of one bottle left at this point and quite a ways to go before I would turn around.  I decided to continue on in the hopes of encountering another water cooler.  This turned out to be a good strategy, although I did have to overshoot my initial turn around goal to hit the next water cooler, which is why I ended up with a total of 118 minutes instead of my planned 90 minute run.  I walked the last 21 minutes as I was out of water again by this point and I didn't want to go crazy on my first long run, especially with the ball of my foot bothering me.

I'm delighted to say I felt great during this run and I didn't have any soreness that evening or the next day.  I made sure to keep myself right under 155 bpm the whole time.  Maybe the extended cooldown did it.  Maybe it was the increased electrolyte intake.  I will definitely start doing my dynamic cooldown exercises after all my runs, as that is what I did during those 21 minutes.  The Altra Instincts are doing great, by the way.  I'm not sure how well they will work on a real trail, but they are keeping my lower legs healthy and pain free so far.


  1. Sounds like it's working. Oh, and the Altra's do fine on the trails, at least when it's dry-ish. Mud is another story...

  2. I'm looking forward to trying them out under more adverse conditions. Although I'm a little worried about how they are going to do once they get soaked, and how to get them cleaned up without damage afterwards, as they seem a bit more delicate than my New Balance.

  3. They seem to drain well on the run and I've thrown mine in the washing machine (without laces) on cold/gentle with no ill effects. The clean up pretty nice! YMMV of course...

    Oh, and keep us posted on the low carb, low heart rate running. I've been doing that all summer and it is *really* paying off, but I'm sure our methods are slightly different (actually I don't have much method, more madness really).