Friday, August 26, 2011

Running on Empty

8/23 run 37 mins (6x400m) @ ATT soft side in Altra Instincts

6x400m with 60 sec rest
1. 1:54  HR avg 164
2. 1:58  HR avg 168
3. 1:54  HR avg 167
4. 2:04  HR avg 170
5. 2:08  HR avg 171
6. 1:59  HR avg 173

temp 81 (about 1:20pm start)
HR avg 153 max 182 (average heart rate includes 10 min warm-up, 10 min cool-down and 60 second rest intervals)

I hadn't done intervals since the beginning of the month, so I was happy to have a slightly easier workout for them today.  This was meant to be the race week workout in the book I've been using, so I only had to do 6x400m but with 60 seconds rest.  The rest was a real killer.  I jogged the first rest, but after that I resorted to walking as I needed every second to try and get my heart rate down.  Sadly the best I could do was to get into the low 150's and by the end, I couldn't even get below 160 during the minute rest (my 60 second rests had an average bpm of 170 by the end).  Cooler days should help, or if I could just get my ass out of bed a little earlier :-)

In order to get out the door sooner, I skipped eating breakfast and just went ahead with the run.  This didn't seem to bother me too much, so I think I will start doing it more often, in order to save myself some time.

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