Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alone in a sea of Lululemon

7/31 run spin 52 mins at SYNCstudio in Laurissa's class WITHOUT the +1

HR avg 161 max 180

The wife was struck down by illness following her 11 miler on Saturday, so I had to go it alone to spinning class.  I would have gladly skipped, but seeing as how I slacked off on Saturday and didn't do my run again <insert heat related excuse> I knew I had to do some kind of cardio plus I already paid my 15 dollars.  Either my conditioning is getting worse or I'm working myself progressively harder in this class.  I still can't copy all the fancy bike "traveling" moves, but I try to keep my pedals in sync with the instructor.  My back bothers me a little bit during the class, but so far I've been able to avoid any residual pain, which is great and has allowed me to keep coming back week after week.

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