Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to the Snatch

8/1 lift box squat 5x290 close-grip towel bench press 5x230 dumbell snatches 5x85,3x105, *x115 and pull-ups +60lbs

Our hands are mostly healed from the sauna crossfit episode, so we are back to our regularly scheduled exercises.  Also, in exciting Craigslist news, I managed to snag some more dumbells!  The seller claimed to have a set of 105,115 and 125lb dumbells, but turns out the only ones they had over 100lbs were the 115's and the 125's.  So we picked up both sets.  They are a slightly different design, where the plates on either side of the handle are loose and the caps are welded on.  It makes them difficult to snatch, as you have 115lbs of plates rattling and moving around in a slightly different direction from the handle.  I gave the 115 a shot on both sides, but I couldn't get it.  I wish we could find a set of 105's or 110's somewhere.   Also, added another 5lbs to the pull-ups, which is a couple months overdue.   I find pull-ups never get easier, you just have to progressively add weight, which makes the lighter ones feel easier by comparison.

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