Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Territory

8/12 lift squat 1x285 close-grip bench press 1x265 pull-ups +60lbs and atlas stone carry supersets x3 dumbell presses 10x40,3x55,6x40

Thursday I had to practice for some training I am attending over the weekend, so I didn't have time to get in a workout.  So here we are at Friday squats and bench again.  The day I skip the most due to my work schedule.  This is also probably the most important day of the program.  I continue to stay conservative on the squat and move only 5lbs a week in order to make sure I don't miss any lifts.

Today was a landmark day on the bench, as I singled the weight I did prior to my shoulder injury.  I bridged a little but nothing too bad.  So far my shoulders feel great, so I'm really excited to see where I can go over the next few months while I am still healthy.

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