Monday, November 8, 2010

Max Out of Time

11/8 lift box squat 2x335 towel bench 1x280 dumbell snatches 3x100

I missed an attempt at 345 on the box squat, which sucks, but I managed to get my 2 reps again with 335.  I kept the weight the same on the bench, but I should have moved up 5lbs.  My right forearm is a real mess and it's surprising how important grip is on a bench press.  I didn't do any pull-ups today in the hopes that will get better.  Even typing hurts at this point.  My plan is to do the pull-ups on Wednesday and see how it feels.  If I don't notice some improvement, I might take some NSAIDS for it.  I'm still undecided if down dogs in yoga help the forearm or hurt it.  Sometimes I think they make it worse and others I think the blood flow helps in the long run.  All I know is doing pull-ups almost every day in Mexico was not a good idea.

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