Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back on Track

No, really, my back is back on track!

11/3 lift power clean 5x190 deadlift 5x355 plus incline dumbell presses with 65, 80 and 70's

This is the toughest back workout I've done since before my first back injury.  5 sets of 225,275,315,335 and 355.  This was our first time doing 3 sets over 300lbs, which really put my back to the test.  My back doesn't feel great, but it's not horrible either.  Something kind of funny and disturbing we realized in the middle of our deadlift sets, is that the bar we use for power cleans and deadlifts is seriously bent!  You can see it very clearly when turning the bar with the plates resting on the ground.  This really freaks me out with my concerns about twisting when I pull and how it could contribute to back injury.  Looks like it's finally time to invest in a quality bar.  I'm glad we are finally "back on track" for our Mon/Wed/Fri workouts, at least until the end of next week, as we leave for the OBX Marathon on Thursday.  Tomorrow I need to do yoga and perhaps start running again...

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