Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All working sets and no sleep makes jack a dull boy

11/16 lift box squat 6x315 towel bench 5x245

I decided to go shoeless today.  I used to lift without shoes more often or I wore wrestling shoes, which had no sole or heel lift.  I think the thick heels of my olympic lifting shoes were making it harder to drive off the box, as it's difficult to keep weight on your heels in a seated position with such a high lift.  Barefooting worked out great for the box squats, not only did I power through all the sets without any problems, but I was able to keep the box one notch lower, meaning I was having to go deeper on each rep too.

The towel bench was a repeat of 4 weeks ago, where I did 5 reps and got stuck on the 6th.  I went up 5lbs, so that makes sense.  The dumbell snatches turned out to be more of a problem than I realized.  I used to do all my barbell clean & jerk workouts barefoot, but now that I think about it, I never did any single arm snatches barefoot.  This turned out be a problem when I went to pop my feet out to lock the first snatch and my left ankle rolled inward, which caused a chain reaction torquing my knee, jamming my hip and back.  I think the knee got the worst of it based on how I feel right now.  I immediately went and put my shoes on but I had done enough damage that I struggled to hit a few clean ones on my right side and when I did my first one on the left side I wrenched my shoulder badly enough to call it a day on those.  The pull-ups went ok with the same +45lbs.  My right forearm is still giving me bad tendinitis problems, but I had bigger fish to fry at that point.  My goal for lifting tomorrow is to avoid any setbacks and take it a little easier.  I think I'm just so exhausted from the last few days.  Hopefully I can find some time to recharge my batteries this week before more company arrives and then Thanksgiving...

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