Wednesday, July 20, 2011

woohoo 80's music week

7/17 run spin 59 mins at SYNCstudio in Laurissa's class with the +1

HR avg 155 max 176

My legs were already wrecked from my first deep squat workout in three weeks (and it was a max out day), so I wasn't expecting much out of them for this spin class.  My main goal was to work out some of the stiffness and get them moving again.  I probably would have skipped the class if not for the lure of 80's music...  There I said it.  I love me some 80's music for spin classes.  I can get pumped up for some Bon Jovi, Queen, Billy Idol etc.  I think it's actually how pumped up the rest of class gets that really helps me push myself.  There are a lot of closet 80's fans out there.  Admit it.

The class went really well.  There were a couple of assistant instructor dudes in the front row and for whatever reason it's easier for me copy their movements than a female instructor.  I think guys just move in a slower, stiffer, and more lumbering manner or something.  Either way I focused on my pedals and keeping my lower back in a safe position through out the whole class.  I could tell my back was getting fatigued toward the end, but it's been a few days and I'm feeling much better than after last week's class.  I think I just have to be conscious of exactly what my lower back is doing throughout every minute of the class in order to avoid having problems later.

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