Thursday, July 28, 2011

creating a pattern

7/24 run spin 52 mins at SYNCstudio in Laurissa's class with the +1

HR avg 153 max 174

Decided to keep my cardio indoors for another weekend.  Yes, I also setup on the bike directly beside the fan, so I can imagine everyone in the back row gets to enjoy my manly fragrance throughout the class.  I wore what I consider my "control top" bike undershorts for this class.  I call them "control top" because their tight spandex front crushes my gut, making it hard for me to breath, but not being a one of those cool roadbike guys I see who look like they dressed for the Tour de France, but somehow got lost in my neighborhood, spandex is foreign to me, so maybe this is a normal feeling.

I didn't work quite as hard as last week, but I got a pretty decent workout all things considered.  Looking forward to getting in some time on mountain bike now that I have it back.  I'll see about doing a post this weekend for all the bike geeks out there.

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