Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ride to Nowhere

7/10 run spin 55 mins at SYNCstudio in Laurissa's class with the +1

HR avg 151 max 169

This is why the +1 puts me in the back row
Every time I go to SYNCstudio I am reminded of exactly how little natural rhythm I possess.  I can spin my pedals ok and with the correct tension, but I'm always the guy going left or on the down stroke when the rest of the class is doing the opposite.

It was fun to get in some time on a bike though, as I've been waiting with giddy anticipation for the "rebirth" of my ancient mountain bike from the REI bike shop.  REI has a huge backlog of repairs, so the bike won't be ready until after the 20th.  This has given me a lot of time to re-imagine my riding abilities and obsess over all kinds of newfangled parts and upgrades that I probably don't need, certainly don't understand and would be better served on a bike that isn't 12 years old.  This all started when my 4" (100mm") suspension fork went from mostly non-functional to instantly bottoming under the weight of my fat ass.  I'm going to resist geeking out on bike stuff right now, so I can save it for the post after I get the bike back.

Ok, back on track, spin class.  Laurissa is a great teacher, and her music choices are even better.  I would do more spin classes, but they always seem to aggravate my back.  I don't know if it's bike size issue (handlebars don't seem high enough for me), mechanics issue or just the result of having had a back injury in the past.  Either way, I'm finishing up this post on Wednesday night and my back is still bothering me.  The pain seems to be very low, possibly my SI or close to it.  Feels like I over stretched it.  I'm planning to repeat this class next Sunday, so hopefully I can come up with a solution, even if it means I need to bring a handlebar riser or something.

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