Friday, April 29, 2011

Sick Interval Workout in MN

4/29 run 60 mins (4x1000m repeats) on the sod patch/sidewalks of suburbia land in the Twin Cities wearing New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail w/ Injinji socks

1. 5:17  HR avg 170
2. 5:44  HR avg 169
3. 5:45  HR avg 171
4. 5:52  HR avg 171

HR avg 159 max 175 (average heart rate includes warm-up, cool-down and rest intervals)

The plan was to find my way onto some dirt roads leading to the state park, but I was struck by a severe case of suburbia syndrome within the first 10 minutes and ended up running in the one mile circle of death that follows the housing development tract.  The combination of my already sore throat and wheezing hacking cough plus the dry air, light rain and strong gusts of wind made for a rather uninspired run.  I was hoping whatever has taken root in my chest would hack its way out during the run, but no such luck as I sit here hacking and coughing even more.

I really needed to run and thanks to the different timezone I was able to squeeze one in at dusk after work here in MN.  It's been a long time since I did intervals thanks to a combination of injury and other obligations.  I have to start getting my consistency back and building again.  I also need to stop running on hard surfaces or at least get a pair of Altra Instincts or something else with a bit of cushion.  I tried to implement some of the tips I got from the Altra "Learn To Run" clinic.  I'll post more on that when I get a chance.  The +1 is running the "Get in Gear" half marathon here in the Twin Cities.  I will be sleeping :)  Ok, I might catch her at the finish line.  Hope everyone has a good weekend and goodluck to those of you competing.

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