Friday, April 8, 2011

Moving Weights and Furniture

4/8 lift squat 3x255 (3 sets only for pre-race) close-grip bench press 1x235 plus pull-ups with +55lbs

I skipped my Thursday run in favor of driving all over God's green earth to pick up some new (to us) furniture for the house.  Needless to say, my back is very unhappy with me right now.  I guess I shouldn't say I skipped it, as I had every intention of running, I just ran out of time thanks to the long drive time and rush hour traffic.

Lifting today went pretty well.  I still feel very weak in my squat, which is really irritating, as I used warmup with 225.  I cut the squats short in hopes of saving some juice for the run tomorrow.  I'm sticking with the close-grip on the bench and keeping my elbows into my body.  It's working ok, but holy cow, with my arms in close my lockout point has the bar about twice as high as the pins for racking it.  Talk about a long push.  My shoulder is grinding a little bit but not to the point that I need to change anything up.

Looking forward to a good run on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail 12-Mile Challenge!  This should be an awesome race, and it's going to be my first time running more than about 9 miles.  My plan is to keep my heart rate under 155 for the first 8 miles and gu every 30 mins just in case.  These plans could all go out the window, but my main goal is to have fun and not mess myself up as we return to the USMC Leatherneck next weekend.  Goodluck to all the runners!

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