Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping my back on track

4/13 lift power clean 2x225 deadlift 2x395 plus dips +55lbs and 21's with 95lbs

I was worried about locking up my back again, like I did last week.  My knee is still swollen but it's gone down considerably and I'm planning to run again tomorrow.  I figured skipping my Tuesday run would give the back and knee a bit more time to rest, plus I ran out of time trying to mow the lawn anyways.

Power cleans went better than they have in weeks.  Lately it seems I will always miss the first rep on my heaviest set of power cleans, almost like my body wants to do a run through at half speed, but this is after I've already done 2-4 working sets!  Today, I nailed both reps on the first try.  My form wasn't perfect and I wouldn't say they felt strong, but I would say they felt better than 4 weeks ago.

Deadlifts felt heavy, but they went off without any problems.  My back feels like it's still getting better, so I don't think I slowed things down too much by adding 5lbs.  I've got the USMC Mud Run on Saturday, which means 4.5 hours in a car each way to make a 9:20AM start time.  The run doesn't concern me, it's what 9 hours in the backseat of a car is going to do to my back that has me worried.

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