Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eno River Western Django Run and Photo Shoot

4/23 run 1:37+ on Buckquarter Creek Trail, Holden Mill Trail, Shakori Trail and Ridge Trail @ Eno River State Park in New Balance MT101 (no Superfeet!) with Balega socks

HR avg 152 max 177

The +1 needed to get in a good long run before the half marathon with her family in Minnesota next weekend.  I was looking forward to getting back on the trails again.  She put together a beautiful run through the Western Trails of Eno River State Park.  This included two "strenuous" trails, a river/creek crossing and navigating some serious rock outcroppings.

We took our time, stopping to take photos along the way.  I didn't bring the camera, but thankfully she had her iPhone with.
Eno River Rapids (Hi Everybody)
Running along Holden Mill Trail, it seems as if the path disappears until you realize it continues on the other side of the rock outcropping in front you.
Trail straight ahead!
Shakori Trail is loaded with some fun climbs and feels like it's only a season away from being reclaimed by the wilderness.
Going up!
Ridge trail had some fast downhills, climbs and a serious creek crossing!
Yes, those rocks are "the trail" unless you like wet feet
Probably our slowest run ever, but we both had a great time and got a good workout when we weren't stopping to take photos.  Special thanks to my beautiful wife for taking all the great pictures!

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  1. Great pictures! Those are my favorite loops out at Eno. Need to head out there this week for sure.

  2. Thanks! My wife is a much better photographer than I. I can't wait to do those loops again, myself. I'm going to bring some insect repellent next time, as I found a tick on my sock while stretching afterwards.

  3. That looks like a gorgeous route, Andrew! It was definitely a decent weekend for sweaty running in the woods around here, eh?

    So, you ran three different trails at the Eno altogether? I was looking at the trail map a few days ago, trying to decide how best to plan an inaugural run out there...

  4. .:Ash:.:
    Definitely a sweaty one, especially with the humidity in the park. I have the nipple burns to prove it...

    Yes, all of my runs at Eno so far have involved linking together multiple trails, which seems to be how they were designed to be run. If you can keep a picture of the map in your head, it makes it a lot easier once you get out there. Also, if you have a gps watch, comparing it's map data to the park map afterwards helps cement visual cues from the run.