Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's harder than running 12 miles?

4/11 lift box squat 6x295 close-grip towel bench 6x205 plus snatches 5x70 kettlebell C&P 3x80 and pull-ups with +55lbs

I'll tell you what's harder than running 12 miles, trying to workout again afterwards!  My knee is still too swollen for power cleans, good thing today was box squats.  The pain eased up after the first set and the pain in my lower back was replaced by fatigue.  Today was hard.  My nutrition was screwed up on Sunday as I was too beat up to think about eating 3 square meals and didn't get enough quality calories in my system.

Mixed things up today with some kettlebell clean and presses.  I think we might add these in on Fridays to boost our snatches.

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