Tuesday, February 22, 2011


2/22 run 65 mins on Company Mill out & back @ Umstead (left foot taped)

HR avg 166 max 176

The plan was to run 45 mins and ONLY 45 mins in order to keep my knees happy by slowly increasing my mileage.  So I hopped out of the car at Umstead; hit the start button on my Global Trainer and headed for the trailhead.  Everything appeared to be going fine until I reach the end of the bridge that begins the trail loop and I notice the time on my watch is reading 00:00.  Wow, this is weird, I'm sure I saw the time moving earlier, so I hit the start button again and "memory full" pops up on the screen.  Crap, I knew I had quite a few workouts stored but it looked like I still had room last I checked.  So I quickly "delete all" as I'm just in a hurry to get going again.  So I start the timer and figure I'll just run 20 out and back to the trailhead.  I know the trailhead is pretty long but I don't want to cut myself short.

Well, for those of you familiar with Company Mill it has one of the longer trailheads at about a mile.  I didn't realize quite how long it was until I was heading back.  So the 5 minutes I had allotted for the trailhead was more like 12 each way, as it's also mostly uphill on the way out.  This is how I ended up with total run that was about 20 minutes too long.  I could have just run the full loop.  Also, thinking back now, I guess my math isn't the best on the run as how I was thinking 20 out and back on the loop, knowing full well I had already run over 5 minutes to get on the loop wouldn't leave me anytime to run out...

The run itself felt pretty good, I tried to relax more often and not push as hard on the climbs.  I did have some pain in my right hip that got worse toward the end, but I think this is directly related to my failure on the box squat.  I can distinctly remember my right hip kind of shutting down when I went to come off the box on my last set.  This time I ran in the direction of the stairs, so I got to enjoy going up them and down them on the out and back.  I think I hit pretty much all the hard climbs in those 20 minutes.

I hope I'm not too beat up tomorrow, I really don't want to end up hurt again.  it seems that the Tuesday run followed by cleans and deadlifts are what has been putting me on the injured list lately.  I felt pretty good after the run, but I didn't have a lot of time to think about it as I was in a mad dash to get home and shower to make a dinner group thing.

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