Sunday, February 13, 2011

And on the 8th day he ran

2/13 run 25 min 48 secs one loop of Sal's Branch @ Umstead (no tape and about 57 outside)

HR avg 167 max 179

This trail is listed as 2.75 miles by the park and Mapmyrun has it as 2.58 miles, which is a good bit more than my Timex usually records.  I believe the 2.58 miles to be the correct distance.  My goal for today was to get in and out as quickly as possible without grinding my knees to dust.  This put me right at the coveted 10 min mark, which is my goal pace for trails.  My knees were a little stiff at the start, but I did my best to improve any deficiencies I felt in my form during the run.  This the first time I didn't ice my right knee after running in months.  I'm hoping the short distance will keep me healthy for my lifting session tomorrow.  I want to train smarter this time and keep myself healthy even if it means slower progress.  I'd like to be able to walk up and down stairs like a normal person on a daily basis.

In other news, I need a new hydration bottle if I'm going to use anything that creates carbonation when mixed.  My bottle gave me hell on this run as the mixture gives off a bit of carbonation when it shakes and the cap seems to have lost it's ability to seal properly.  I think I got more drink on me than in me.  Also, for some reason, when I would try to pull the cap open with my teeth, it would pop off completely.  This happened 4 or 5 times and each time I would have to focus on trying to get it back onto the bottle without falling on my face.  Kind of disappointing for a bottle I've only had a month or two.  The other Nathan worked fine with just water inside.  I wish they made a race cap for the Quickdraw Elite, as I think this would allow the pressure to vent without spraying me all the time.  I'm going to do some careful inspection of the cap tomorrow and see if I can figure out why I had this issue with only one of the bottles.

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