Thursday, February 10, 2011

Extended bike ride and Timex Global Trainer user error!

2/10 bike 90+ mins on the ATT unpaved side on my trusty '99 Gary Fisher Xcaliber

HR avg 140's max 160's

I don't really know what happened, I guess it could be user error.  My Timex Global Trainer let me down somehow.  Perhaps a button got pushed by my wrist on the bike.  I should have used the bike mount.  All I do know is I only have 11 minutes of data, yet it shows the correct start time and I remember seeing the distance change during the ride.  I can only guess my heart rate for the whole time based on my spot checks and the 11 minutes it recorded.  The watch still shows free memory, so that doesn't seem to be the problem.  I guess a button must have gotten pressed, probably when I was doubling up my gloves.  How I didn't realize it, I'll never know.  Lesson learned, use the bike mount or lock the buttons!

My knees weren't ready for another run yet, so I wanted to hit a spin class, but none of them fit my schedule today.  I loaned out my Airdyne to a friend who tore his acl, so that left me with one option... my mountain bike (ok, I could have used the Nordic Track or finished repairing our dreadmill, but the monotony of sweating in place for an hour is too much for me to handle right now).  I dusted off my banana colored '99 Gary Fisher Xcaliber and stuffed it into the back of my jeep.  This is a good bike, but I really need to put a new fork on it to make it safe for trails.  It's workable on flat stuff but the fork bottoms out with any amount of weight on the front (it needs a front derailleur too).  I invested a bunch of money in this bike already, so I almost feel like I'm obligated to finish the job.  So my one hour ride turned into 1.5 with a 45 minute out and back ride.  I had to double up my gloves and my hands and feet were still numb for most of it, but I got a decent workout without pounding my knees to dust.  I just wish I had the data to go with it, as I think there are more elevation changes than you realize on that side of the ATT.  I would find myself moving at what felt like a snail's pace at times and I think this was due to the grade on certain parts.

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