Friday, February 18, 2011

I hope squats are good for sore knees!

2/18 lift squat 10x205, 8x225, 6x265 snatch 3x135, 3x145 plus pull-ups with 50lb kettlebell

No bench press today with the shoulder, although I'm not sure snatches are the best thing for it either.  I don't know why squats are always so hard for me lately, but that's become a recurring theme in my training logs.  I upped the snatches a little bit, my plan is to add about 10lbs a week maintaining my form.  My training partner got some bad news about his shoulder, but we won't know for sure until the after the MRI.

In other news, it's my left knee that has been bothering me again.  This is the one that used to give me all the problems until I was put on Fosamax and zero impact activity for 8 mos.  I'm hoping it's a fluke and the knee will calm down again.  I guess I'll stick with the use it or lose it philosophy for now...

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