Friday, December 3, 2010

Rough Week with a Strong Finish

12/3 lift power clean 5x205 deadlift 5x365 plus incline dumbell presses with 70, 80 and 75.

After cover at work for an emergency from 8pm Wednesday until 7am Thursday and then having to take my car to the shop, pushing my bedtime back to after 9am.  I felt like crap all day Thursday.  Got some sleep and woke up for work on Friday at 7am sharp, as usual.  Still felt pretty crappy, but had a very productive day, so that helps.  My lifting partner had to go it alone today, as I was too busy with work.  He called me Friday evening and told me he hurt his back on the deadlifts!  Crap, I hope it's not as bad as what I am still going through.  This didn't help my mindset coming into the workout tonight, but my brother hit the iron with me.  This helped motivate me and keep me honest.  I managed to hit some new top numbers.  The last set of cleans turned into split cleans and the final set of deads was about as close to maximum effort as I've been since I hurt my back.

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