Monday, December 6, 2010

Dashing through the snow

12/5 run 30ish minutes on Umstead trails in New Balance MT101's with left foot taped

I found a good video on how to tape your foot for plantar fascitiis.  Using some 3M nexcare tape I managed to do a half way decent job of taping it up.  This really paid off on the trail.  I had some pain on the back of my heel where the tape rubs, but otherwise my foot felt pretty good.  My right knee is a little sore and stiff but for such uneven and technical terrain I think I came out relatively unscathed. 

I was out of my comfort zone on this and in the +1's natural habitat.  I felt like I was chasing a snowshoe hare through the woods.  This worked out great, as it allowed me to focus on the terrain and her cute little posterior without having to worry about trail markers or mentally psyching myself out.  Perhaps I will ask her to wear a bunny tail on her running tights next time and I can just do my best impersonation of our retarded lab chasing rabbits in the yard with complete disregard for her personal safety.  Either way, I think we will make a weekend trail run together part of the regular schedule.

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