Monday, December 6, 2010

Muscular and Mental Failure

12/6 lift box squat 1x345 (failed 350) towel bench 2x255 (failed on 290, then 285)  snatches 5x70, 3x100 plus dips with +45

I think today was a perfect storm of failure due to too many hard lifting sessions in a short period of time and lack of sleep the last few days thanks to some work emergencies and Time Warner Cable failures. 

Let me explain.  I normally work from home and use a Time Warner Roadrunner turbo cable modem for my connection, but over the last 4 non-consecutive work days, my connection will start slowing down around 12-2am with an eventual complete loss of cable and tv signal by 3am.  This failure will last until around 8am or so.  After MANY MANY calls to their support desk and MANY MANY dispatch attempts to repair the problem (it's always working by the time they show up).  The problem has been classified as a group outage and the field techs have informed me the entire street, if not a larger area shows an outage during the exact same periods on these 4 nights.  At least I feel like we are making some progress.  I am told their overnight crew will be on the street watching the signal levels all night tonight and my devices have been put on high alert so a page/email goes out in the event of another outage to my specific equipment.  At this point, I intend to call our only other competing provider (if you could call it that), Frontier Communications and see about getting a DSL line installed as a backup.  I have lost what little faith I had in Time Warner Cable.  In the past I could count on them to consistently screw up my Tivo CableCARD setup and overcharge me on a monthly basis but I could also count on a decent internet connection in the deal, but those days are over.

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  1. There was a Comcast internet outage here - are they related? Can't help but wonder.