Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mixed Results

12/8 lift power clean 2x225 (after missing 1x240 and 235) deadlift 1x385 plus inclines of 70,80,75.

I won't say it was a bad day, but certainly not my best.  I can't seem to get both my feet to move on my cleans lately.  My left stays planted and my right steps back.  Perhaps it's related to my arch troubles with the left foot.  I think I'm still worn down from work, weather and running.  My lifting partner tells me I was shaking like a leaf on the deadlift single.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but my back is still in one piece, so I won't complain.  I need to focus on the fact that I only have a few lifting sessions left before we leave for our trip and make the most of them.

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