Sunday, December 12, 2010

45 minutes of training and almost 22 hours of continuous work

12/11 lift squat 1x300 (no beep) bench press 1x265 (after a near miss at 270) plus some rotator cuff work

I had to cram this little bit of lifting in on Saturday when I had about 45 minutes between changes for work.  We use a Safety Squat to make sure we are going deep enough on every rep and I didn't get low enough to make it beep on my single, hence, no beep.  I seem to have a serious sticking point in my bench, I just need to figure out what is causing it.  I come of the chest strong and get to where my elbow are about 90 degrees.  This is where I burn out.  I seem to be able to hold the weight at this spot forever but I can't get that last little bit of kick to lock out.  I dropped back to 265 and managed a molasses slow single to finish.  Did a my rotator cuff work as my left shoulder has something new and weird going on.

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