Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Building my Aerobic Base

12/8 spin SYNCCycling 60 mins

The +1 talked me into playing hooky instead of cycling on Tuesday, so we had to make up for it on Wednesday.  This meant weights and cardio on the same day, not one of my favorite things.  She hadn't forgotten about it and made a point to call me earlier in the day to make sure I signed up...  So off we went for a full 60 minute class.  I think I haven't done a full spin class since before Mexico, which would mean October.  We've done quite a few of the combo classes lately, but none of them having more than 30 minutes of spinning.  I muddled my way through it, lacking rhythm as always.  My knees are feeling very stiff and making lots of funny noises.  I hope things feel ok tomorrow.  If I have time and the energy, I might try and hit the ATT for another run.  I need to make the most of the last days before our trip.

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