Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes, I still run or at least jog

5/15 run 46 mins on ATT soft side in New Balance Trail Minimus MT10 and Drymax hot weather socks (first time trying them)

HR avg 130 max 150

I'm finally completely free of all the respiratory/sinus crud. I was actually free of it in time for a Thursday run, but the rainstorms combined with my natural slug-like tendencies transpired to keep me firmly planted on the couch. So I planned to rack up a serious long run on Saturday. I'm not going to bore you with my excuses for why I missed that one too. I think I've been on my longest non-self-imposed running hiatus since I had my foot injury. So Sunday rolls around and thankfully the +1 is game for a run as well. She's battling some injuries of her own and isn't supposed to do any long or high effort runs per her PT. So we set off for a nice, short jog on the American Tobacco Trail.

Wow, I can't believe how unhappy my body was on this run. If not for the heart rate monitor I would have thought I was killing myself. My feet ached, my right knee was killing me, my legs were heavy and even my shoulders were aching. At least my respiration was finally back to normal.  I'm hoping I knocked some junk loose and will be back to normal for my next run.  I'm looking forward to getting in two more runs before the Gladiator 5k on Saturday.

Through their lack of making their presence known, I realized the Drymax hot weather socks were doing a great job.  I never once thought about hot spots on this run.  My feet ached but that was due to some foot issues and not the socks.  I think at least some of the Drymax hype is true.


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better, Andrew. But, that's such a bummer about the unpleasant return to running on Sunday. I've had runs like that, too, though. You make yourself get out there. And, you feel that you're bound to have a good run after resting your legs for a few days. But, even then, your stubborn muscles and feet remain opposed to the concept. Go figure.

    On the bright side, at least the new socks worked well! I've been considering a pair of Drymax socks for a while.

  2. @Ash
    Thanks! I think I managed to knock most of the cobwebs loose. It's nice to get back into a routine finally!