Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gladiator 5k "race" report aka crappiest 5k ever

5/21 race 31 mins @ the Gladiator 5K in New Balance MT101's

your point is moot Gladiator 5K report

It was a sunny 83 degrees by the time our 11:15 start time rolled around, not that it mattered as they started us 25 minutes late.  The Gladiator 5K made many promises of awesomeness and shaming other 5k's.  I think they got it backwards.  The only awesome part was not having to wait for parking.  I really HOPE all the money we paid for this went to charity, as it clearly wasn't put into the course or the staff.  Now, I'm not going to place 100% of the blame on the race director(s) as I read the Town of Cary nixed the fire pit, barbed wire and monkey bars.  Apparently monkey bars are safe enough for preschoolers to climb on but not adults who sign full waivers, but what can you expect from a town that knowingly and willfully violates their own resident's freedom of speech.  Now this does not excuse the fact that they only had 9 obstacles and they were all so poorly constructed that I think an unsupervised Cub Scout troop could have done a better job.  I wonder if anyone involved in the planning and creation of this event has ever done or seen a real obstacle course.  Hell, or even a playground at McDonald's as I could have run through one of those and had a lot more fun.

A triple horizontal balance beam
off to a decent start although it was unsupervised so no one to instruct on how to complete or penalize teams who skipped it etc
a crawl under 1 1/2 foot cammie net
this was supervised at least

a cargo net A frame climb over

probably the best obstacle on the course and supervised
This was about as much of a challenge as you're going to get

a 7ft wall
a 9ft wall
I don't recall either of the walls being supervised and they were of such poor construction I was seriously concerned about the number of competitors that should be on the walls at the same time
some drainage pipes to crawl thru.
These pipe was a challenge, as it's the smallest pipe I've encountered on a course.  Lots of people just running by them and no one supervising the obstacle.
2 sets of A frame balance beams,maybe 3 foot tall at peak.
No one at this obstacle either, I ran and jumped over it not even realizing the side supports were meant as balance beams until one of my teammates started running up it!  Now if someone was here to instruct the participants...but I'm starting to sound like a broken record.
A "mudpit" 
This was basically a backyard slip slide/kiddie pool with a cammie net over it.  The water was kind of dirty but there was no "mud" and I didn't even get my shoes wet.  I don't think it was more than 6 inches, but I guess you can drown in anything!  It was supervised at least...
a tire pit with a hanging tire cage over it.
This "never ending valley of tires" was only about 4 tires deep and the construction was laughable.
Check out that quality construction.

No finish line mud pit or rope bridge.  No finisher dog tags.. they are supposedly in the mail.

Since most of the obstacles were unsupervised, you had people just running around them with no penalty.  On top of that we saw MULTIPLE people cutting through at points where the course intersected.  At one point you come out on the main road and the staff person tells you to run down to the end on your left, touch the gate, cross the road and run back down the other side.  We watched as multiple people would only run down half way or less and immediately crossover and run back.  The staff didn't seem to be marking anyone down or paying enough attention to care.  So basically all the times report on this course are garbage.

Share your thoughts with the douchebag race director:

Wayne Street
1212 Marbank St
Wake Forest, NC 27587

running in a field, this turned out to be a recurring theme
The end

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