Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Patient Zero visits Fullsteam Ahead! Run Club

5/4 run 37 mins @ Fullsteam Brewery with Fullsteam Ahead! Run Club in New Balance Trail Minimus MT10 with Balega socks

HR avg 159 max 173

Fullsteam Ahead! Run Club ACTUAL 4 mile loop
The +1 has been wanting to hit up the Fullsteam Ahead! Run Club for awhile and I was running out of excuses, so Wednesday turned into a double workout day.  Since I have no personal interest in running on pavement or drinking alcohol, this event has never really appealed to me, but there is something to be said for social running events.  If I can figure out what food trucks have gluten free options I could see us hanging around afterwards next time.

Being sick but not contagious (I think...) I was curious to see how I would fare in a group run setting, especially with the race this weekend.  Pre-run I made sure to try and hack up whatever I could in the bathroom in order to avoid grossing out the other participants.  This strategy worked pretty well as I didn't have too many issues until the end of the run and by then the group had thinned out.  My breathing was more of a wheezing but I only had a few coughing fits and I tried to save those for stoplights.  Overall I think it went well and I could see making it a biweekly thing perhaps.  I'm not ready to commit to doing it every week, as it falls on my lifting days and pavement always hurts my knees and feet.


  1. I'm with ya on the the gluten free and no running on pavement thing, but I would go *just for the beer*. Too bad my other useless hobby, golf, is also on Wednesday evenings. Oh well, there's beer involved with my golf as well...

  2. @Der Scott
    Maybe you should try combining the two! I always liked running on golf courses but the golfers tend to get angry.