Friday, May 13, 2011

Feeling Good Again

5/13 lift squat 1x275 close-grip bench press 1x245 plus atlas stone carries and pull-ups +55lbs

Finally started feeling strong in the legs again today. I cut my squat single back by about 20lbs, but at the previous weight I was struggling to get low enough and my form would break down. Added some more weight on the bench again, my shoulders are still feeling really healthy, so I'm going to stick with the close-grip for now as my single was clean and super strong so I could see going up another 10lbs next month. This was our second workout with the 170lb atlas stone aka Satan's left nut. We did three pickup and carries and they all felt strong. I even figured out a way to breath on the last one, which should allow for some longer distance walks with it. I could see us moving up to its 240lb companion in a couple of months at the rate we are progressing.

I've been having some weird issues with my right knee though, it seems to only occur when drop into full squat. It feels like something is catching or pinching in the outside back corner of my right knee. It's like a sudden sharp pain and it feels as if my knee gives out as a response to the sudden stabbing pain. I'm hoping it will resolve on its own as I would really like to warm up with full squats again.

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