Friday, May 20, 2011

Running with a billion buddies

5/19 run 59 mins @ Eno River on Cox Mountain Trail and Fanny's Ford Trail in MT101's and Balega socks

HR avg 155 max 175

Just driving into the park I started to get excited at the site and smell of the woods before me.  It's been far too long since my last "real" trail run.  As soon as I opened the door on my Jeep I was greeted by the deafening sounds of the world's largest cicada brood.  I'm glad the +1 wasn't along as we would have needed to shout to carry on a conversation.  This made for a very surreal run and a splitting headache later that night!  Apparently cicadas are non-toxic and edible, but I think I'll stick to gu's for now...  I remember getting back in my jeep and closing the door only to be amazed at the silence.  My ears were ringing as if I had just spent an hour front row at Ozzfest.
Brand new GU Energy Roctane Cicada Crunch flavor!

I ran a little harder than I probably should have with the Gladiator 5k coming up this Saturday but it was nice to power up some climbs again.  I really needed this run to get my head back in the game and I'll probably run the same trails next Thursday.  In addition to the cicadas I got to run around a 4+ foot black snake.  He didn't even have the common courtesy to move off the trail when I yelled, "on your right."  I wasn't going to stick around to argue with him though.  I bet he was thinking here comes another effin' runner!
Random post-run foot shot


  1. LOL! I love the cicadas and the snakes out at Eno. Hope you had a good time at the Gladiator 5K.

  2. Thanks! And now the ticks are out too! I've been a huge blog slacker lately. Gladiator 5k was a huge disappointment and an embarrassment to those involved.