Monday, June 27, 2011

week of 6/13-6/19 catchup post aka slow burn

6/13 lift box squat 2x305 close-grip towel bench 1x255 plus dumbell snatch 5x80 3x105 pull-ups +55lbs
6/14 crossfit chelsea (don't ask)
6/15 lift power clean 1x235 deadlift 1x415
6/16 crossfit (some other workout named after a girl) consisting of handstand push-ups, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, squat to overhead press, burpees and some other exercises I think it was 5-7 reps of each done in a rotation like 15 times maybe?
6/17 lift squat 2x265 close-grip bench press1x255 plus 3x170lb atlas stone carry and pull-ups +55lbs

6/14 run 53 mins (1600, 1200, 800, 400) on ATT soft side in New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail

1. 8:38  HR avg 167
2. 6:45  HR avg 174
3. 4:39  HR avg 174
4. 2:02  HR avg 175

temp 83
HR avg 157 max 181 (average heart rate includes 10 min warm-up, 10 min cool-down and 400m rest intervals)

I did this workout at 2:30pm and I remember thinking it was hotter than blazes at the time.  Looking back I see it was only about 83 that day.  This was my first interval workout in a LONG time and I tried to pace myself for it.  This worked pretty well and the reduced length of each interval makes it a much easier workout from a mental perspective.  It's funny how looking back each of my runs got progressively worse simply due to the temperature and humidity.

6/16 run 63 mins @ Eno River on Cox Mountain Trail and Fanny's Ford Trail in MT101's and Balega socks with Maddy the labnewftard

temp 89
HR avg 156 max 171

This was meant to be an easier run, but the heat and Maddy the dogbeast got me going a bit harder than I intended.  We did have to stop twice so she could roll around in the river.  If I was smarter, I would have done the same.  I could tell when she was ready for another soaking session as she would start to look back at me with these looks like, "Dad, can I jump in here?"  She is a great runner though, as most dogs with a jet black double coat would have stroked out, but she just keeps on going.

6/18 run 65 mins @ ATT soft side in MT101's with CamelBak Lobo

temp 90-94
HR avg 162 max 171

This run was all about the HEAT.  I had to run at 12:40pm, so the sun was almost directly overhead, which meant finding any shade on either side of the trail was nearly impossible.  I honestly felt like I was going to stroke out on this run and I seemed to just get slower and slower.  I would move into an open area and my heart rate would sky rocket as I was convection baked by the sun.  I'm not sure if it's my size that causes it but I am averaging a loss of over 2 minutes per mile and that is at a higher heart rate and level of effort!

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