Monday, June 20, 2011

The damned drive to Nantahala Dam Drive

6/8-6/12 in celebration of our 3 years of marriage we decided to go somewhere without cellphone reception or straight roads.  This turned out to be a wonderful trip and we managed to run/hike almost everyday.  Although we never made it into a raft or kayak.  On the trip down we got caught in a wicked hailstorm in Asheville.  Thankfully my inability to follow simple GPS directions meant we weren't on the highway and I was able to take shelter in the service bay of Asheville Chevrolet.  Our car would be wrecked if not for the kindness of the folks at this dealership.  You should go buy a Volt or a ZR-1 from these guys.  I will do the same as soon as I win the lottery.

best pic I could get, autofocus was going nuts

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