Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Lifting updates

9/10 lift box squat 1x350 towel bench 1x295-failed (did 5x5,4,3,2,1 this workout) plus 110lb dumbell snatch, pull-ups bw+50lbs and 2 laps farmers walk w/125lb thick-handled dumbells

Thick handles illustrated by my finger wrap in both pics
Today wasn't my best day or my worst day.  My knees were giving me hell, but the single was super easy compared to the sets leading up to it (should have moved up).  The towel bench gave me some trouble again.  We missed quite a few workouts in June and July with all the summer vacations and holidays.  I've been paying for it on the towel bench having slipped at least 10lbs off of where I was at the beginning of July.  The dumbell snatches went well, as I've missed them for the last 2 weeks in a row due to baby care and doctor visits (for the knees).  I did cut down on my number of reps for the snatch.  My weighted pull-ups are still garbage and I can't quite figure out when they started going down hill.  Farmers walk went well, as the thick handles cut us down from 5 laps to barely 1-2.

9/12 lift power clean 1x245-failed deadlift 1x445 (5x5,4,3,2,1) 

Still trying to recover from the inconsistency of the previous months.  My single power clean is down, even though my 5x5 is on par.  My single deadlift is also down, but at least I got it this time.  My knees were hurting me so bad, I almost quit on my second set of deadlifts, but I muddle through (probably not in my best interest).  I turned on left one on my 2nd attempt @ 245 on the power clean and called it at that point.

9/14 lift squat 1x310 close-grip bench press 1x285 pull-ups +50lbs and 170lb atlas stone shoulder and walk x2 plus 250lb atlas stone lift

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do any squats as my knees were already hurting pretty bad this morning.  Things went ok, once warmed up, until the single, which really put a hurt on the left knee.  Sadly, my squat still sucks, but at least I've made a little improvement.  Thankfully the rest of the workout doesn't require a ton of knee flexion.  Bench is still on the comeback, 10lbs closer to my previous weight.  Shouldering the atlas stone has been going better for me these days.  I still have trouble walking the full down/back as the stone sits right on the bony protrusion on top of my shoulder.  Feels kind of like it's separating my shoulder, but it's not leaving me with any residual pain after I drop it (outside of the bruising).

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