Monday, September 17, 2012

post baby "long" run

9/16 run 92 mins @ ATT Scott King Road in black Altra Instincts (new color, same old model)

temp 63 and overcast

HR avg 160 max 173

I decided to wait until Sunday for my "long" run with the rains coming through Saturday night to help cool things off.  This strategy helped, as the temps were in the 60's and the sun was nowhere to be seen.  My HRM readings are back to normal, so I guess it was the strap all along.  The first 40 minutes were going great, but after that point, the imaginary nail being hammered into the ball of my left made its appearance and the rest of the run was an ebb and flow of bearable/unbearable pain. 

I feel kind of silly calling this a long run, but seeing as how I haven't done anything longer than a 6 miler since April, I guess it's a fair assessment.  So far everything is holding together.  This Thursday will mark the start of week 3, which is the statistical point where most people end up tweaking something.  I've been on a steady diet of The Stick and foam roller, so hopefully my crash course return to running will continue without interruption.

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