Thursday, September 13, 2012

92 days into Phase E (303 to go)

9/11 run 51 mins @ ATT Scott King Road in NEW black Altra Instincts (new color, same old model)

temp high 60's before dark

HR avg 177 max 228 (Either Hard Harry is broadcasting nearby or I need to see a cardiologist)

Scott King toward I-40
So Phase E of the ATT project is in full swing and even though the Fayetteville Road parking lot is closed for storage of construction equipment (yet I've never seen any parked there, ever), you can still access the trail via Scott King, as long as it's after hours or on weekends.  Things are pretty runnable currently.  Everything south of Scott King has been compacted, while the north side is still in progress, so be prepared for big rocks, sometimes in piles.  I'm still not a big fan of the surface improvements for this section of trail, as I preferred the dirt, roots and rocks, but I'm excited that the bridge is part of this phase.

Scott King toward O'kelly Chapel

For this run, I decided to start at Scott King and run to the end of the trail on the I-40 side and back.  This area was my favorite stretch of the entire ATT trail due to the terrain.  It's been cleared and graded.  They are in the process of compacting gravel and rocks into the surface to complete the grading phase.  You can keep track of the project at this link: 2012 American Tobacco Trail and Bridge. They even have a nifty graphic.  I didn't realize the bridge was included in Phase E before, so I apologize for that error in my previous post.

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