Sunday, September 9, 2012

On the 2nd day of re-running...

Photo taken prior to Nannerpuss attack
My true love gave to me:

The gluten free version of Ryan Hall's Chocolate Griddlecakes.  Here's the recipe for those of you who don't get Runner's World (modified to be gluten free):

1/2 cup Bisquick Gluten Free
2 large egg whites
1 scoop Muscle Milk, cake batter flavor (gluten free, but manufactured in a shared facility)
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
Water (enough to thin the batter)

She threw some chocolate chips into them, but the Muscle Milk sweetens up the cakes enough, you don't really need it.  They remind me of cottage cheese pancakes, with a nice chewy, dense texture and the flavor is delicious.  I didn't eat these until after my run, so I'll have to wait until Tuesday to see if they worked.  Using Ryan Hall's numbers as a reference, I should be able to slash about 8 minutes off my current pace for a mile and about 2.5 hours off my marathon.

9/9 run 60 mins @ ATT O'kelly Chapel access in Altra Instincts

temp high 70's

HR avg 177 max 230  (either I now have the heart of Jack Rabbit, or my watch must've picked up some interference, as I'm still alive at the moment)

First, a moment of silence to honor the end of the last truly unpaved portion of the ATT trail.  I will be pouring a bottle of NUUN out in it's honor and holding a dedication service this coming week.  Why they couldn't put these funds toward the bridge over I-40 and leave this beautiful section of trail untouched, I don't know.  Ok, back to the run.

My legs were absolutely trashed from Friday's 5x5 squats and atlas stone shoulder carries.  (yes, we now shoulder the 170lb atlas stone and carry it around.)  I'll try to start adding in a few of my weight training posts again, just for fun.  So I wasn't expecting much from my legs and they delivered in that respect.  The cooler temps allowed me to run just a hair faster, but every step would remind me of the dull ache that I couldn't seem to shake out of my legs.  I was hoping to go further, but I'll take what I can get and be glad I'm still healthy for the moment.  A beautiful day for running overall.  Now back to working on that honey-do list.


  1. Thanks for the recipe (pancakes are what I miss most from my previously gluten-filled life). My wife has a gluten free pancake recipe for cakes that remind me of French crepes (chewy, slightly sweet, and delicious).

    Oh, and next time I need to lift a car off someone, I'll have to get you and your 230 bpm heart rate to help out. Sheesh!

  2. Scott,

    Please send your wife's recipe. I'd love to make them. Andrew's better half, aka honey do list creator :) Kristi

    1. Hey Kristi! I sent the recipe that we use to Andrew's gmail account (kinda long to post here in the comments section). Enjoy!