Friday, September 14, 2012

Eno and Altra's

9/13 run 80 mins @ Eno River Cox Mtn and Fanny Ford in Altra Lone Peaks

temp 75ish, mid-day

HR avg 154 max 179 (back to normal!)

My HRM strap was just getting to the point where it would finally hold it's shape and here I go, having to wash it.  Hopefully this fixed it and my previous weird readings aren't the result of interference or a bad ticker.

squint and it could be a buzzard
First time back on the mountain since 4/17.  I was happy to be back and my, old friend, the pain in the ball of my foot, was kind enough to join me for the trip.  Some counts for the trip:

snake count: 1 (black)
buzzard count: 5
large animal carcass in river count: 1
turtle count: 10+

I didn't run with a camera, as I was worried about staying upright with just my water bottle, but I really wish I had.  Like something out of a movie, there was a large animal carcass, stripped to the ribs out in the river near the ford.  At first, I thought I was coming up a group of graceful Great Blue Herons, until I got closer.  It turned out to be a cluster of buzzards around something I couldn't really identify.  All I could see was a giant collection of ribs jutting up out of the water, that were already picked completely clean.  On a side note, I wouldn't drink the water downstream of fanny's ford for awhile...just saying.

The run went as well as can be expected, I was slow, but my heart rate and pacing felt about right.  Baby steps helped to keep the knee pain down.  I was afraid the weight and clumsiness of my Lone Peaks would bother me, as it did when I first started wearing them, but instead, it was like coming home to an old friend.  They worked great, and I remember why I love them so much.  I can't wait for the arrival of the Altra Superior this month.  I hope to make it my new short distance and racing trail shoe.  I've also heard talk of the stability wedge being offered independently of the Provision, as this is something I'd like to play with using in just my left shoe, as my left foot is a bit more flipper like than my right.

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