Monday, November 28, 2011

Medoc Mountain Trail 10 Miler DFL race report

10/15 race 93 mins @ Medoc Mountain Trail 10 Miler in Altra Instincts

temp 40's
HR avg 167 max 177 (this is what happens when I start in the middle of the pack and realize I don't like being passed..)

Ok, I wasn't DFL in the race, but my race report certainly is!  Here it is over a month later and I have something like 4 race reports to write...  Not only does some crazy guy in his underwear have to win the race, he has to win the race to the race report too!

Let's see what I can recall about this one.  I wore my Altra Instincts, which did a good job for the most part, although the rocks started to get to me toward the end of the race.  I ran harder than I intended on this (with Tough Mudder the following weekend) and put in my best race showing to date.  I think my average pace was a 9:22, which is pretty good for me, especially on a technical course with some elevation.  I was ready to be done by the time I crossed the finish line and the +1 was there waiting for me, I'm not sure what she said to me as I lost track of her for the next 20 mins due to my brain fog.  I think I saw a couple of blog friends, but you can never be sure so I didn't want to come off like a crazy internet stalker.

You could say I ran a little too hard, as the following Tuesday I went out to run intervals only to find anything under about a 12:30 min mile caused me horrible right knee pain.  I must have looked like the hunch back of Notre Dame as I turned my regular interval workout into a lurching limp run between 12 and 13 min/mile.  Thankfully everything healed up although Tough Mudder didn't help things..but that's a story in and of itself.

Here's a good photo of me looking tired and sweaty.  You can see the sunglasses and the headband have come off.
you can almost smell the sweat...


  1. The great thing about a tardy race report is that it serves as a welcome reminder of a recent race after all the other relevant race reports have been read and forgotten. Nice job out there, Andrew. Medoc is definitely not an easy-peasy trail to run. And, now that I have a clear picture of your, I should be able to recognize you at the next race!

  2. 9:22 is pretty decent pace for Medoc! Of course, you could possibly get that down into the mid to low 8 minute pace range if you just dropped some mass. That pic gives a whole new meaning to "gun runner" (feel free to use that for your next blog post title)! Looks like the weights have been paying off. I'm essentially unarmed (damn, there's another good pun!), so you would think I could run faster somehow...

    See you this weekend at R@TR.

  3. .:Ash:.
    Thanks! I thought I saw you out there, but I didn't want to call you by your blog name and I couldn't remember your real name at the time (or much else thanks to some post race brain fog. Great job on the finish!

    Der Scott
    At first I thought you said "gum runner" in reference to my abnormally big gums which make for my constant slack jawed appearance in every race photo... You seem to be running plenty fast, figuratively and literally, as in fasted, as in 18 hours without food! I can't imagine running a mile let alone 16 after an 18 hour fast!

  4. Andrew, we have a carpool headed to R@TR tomorrow. Email me if you are interested in riding along. derscott @ Sorry, didn't know how to contact you any other way.